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    Debbie, it is always so wonderful to see you at Journal of Faith. I&#39;ve been so consumed with publishing lately that I haven&#39;t had as much time to be in the blogging world. :( But,
    don&#39;t for a second think that I have forgotten to keep you in my continual prayers. This post is so powerful. Honestly, I can&#39;t even imagine. I pray for those who are facing this
    scenario every day, and my heart is continually broken for them . . . it creates in me a greater urgency to reach those who are lost. Sometimes I think I&#39;d have bolder faith to preach the
    gospel if I knew my time were more limited. Maybe I&#39;d spend an outrageous amount of money to buy a prime time spot commercial to speak to the world about God&#39;s saving grace. :)Love
    you sister!Cherie

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    Actually, I think about this from time to time because we just don&#39;t know when we will leave this earth. I would want to be with my wonderful husband and sons as much as possible and my
    pastor and his wife. These would be the people I&#39;d want to spend every waking moment with before I left. Then I&#39;d want to see all the rest of my family and friends. I would hope the
    joy of knowing I was going to be with my Savior Jesus Christ would make the last month a time of celebration for everyone I love and that they wouldn&#39;t be scared or sad that I was leaving
    them. Death is bittersweet. We want to go and be with the Lord yet we know the pain that separation from loved ones causes for us and them.xo

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    I haven&#39;t really thought about it but say I only have one month to live (knock on wood, I&#39;d love to meet with some old friends that I had issues with and tell them I forgive them,
    likewise ask for their forgiveness. I would also eat whatever I want, the way a man on a death row would. I&#39;d go some place that I&#39;d always wanted to go to and take lots and lots of
    pictures. I will tell my love ones I love them. I will give away my stuff so that they can be of use to other people. I will also fix whatever problem I have that may affect my loved ones, this is so
    they wouldn&#39;t have to worry after I&#39;m gone.And I will tell this person something that I have always wanted to say but couldn&#39;t.

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    Wow I have enjoyed reading everyone&#39;s thoughts on this. Believe it or not I have thought about this before. There is NO doubt I would spend every minute with my wonderful hubby and everyone
    of my kids and grandkids...eating together and enjoying life. I would also write everyone who is REALLY important to me a private letter telling them just how they blessed me in life and why. Which
    of course I could always tell them, but this way they&#39;d have something to read over and over again when I am gone, and our conversations while I am here wouldn&#39;t get too emotional.
    Don&#39;t want anyone being sad. I&#39;d be sure and let everyone know how much their being right with God meant to me. Cleaning house? NO WAY! Traveling? Never did have much appeal to me
    Shopping? Pointless....Just being with those I love....Oh, I guess I might enjoy some of my favorite forbidden foods if I am being honest, haha. This was a great question Deb! The truth is of course
    none of us ever knows the day and hour our souls will be required of us, so makes you think. This is how we should live our lives no matter what huh? HUGS

  • Bhagirath (Donnerstag, 14. November 2013 11:12)

    I haven't really thuoght about it but say I only have one month to live (knock on wood, I'd love to meet with some old friends that I had issues with and tell them I forgive them, likewise ask for
    their forgiveness. I would also eat whatever I want, the way a man on a death row would. I'd go some place that I'd always wanted to go to and take lots and lots of pictures. I will tell my love ones
    I love them. I will give away my stuff so that they can be of use to other people. I will also fix whatever problem I have that may affect my loved ones, this is so they wouldn't have to worry after
    I'm gone.And I will tell this person something that I have always wanted to say but couldn't.

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